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  Best Mountain Bikes

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Getting the right mountain bike is pretty important, when considering your safety and the cost.  It can be a little overwhelming trying to find one that fits your needs.  With so many different options and features, how can you be sure you've selected the best mountain bike?  This guide will aim to explain the most important aspects of your bike, and to help narrow down the field of possibilities to something more manageable.

Types  Depending on the kind of biking you want to do, Mountain Bikingthere are many different cycles, each with their special abilities and uses.  You can get a cross country mountain bike, which is pretty much the most popular choice among cyclists.  There are also downhill bikes, and professional bikes that you should only consider if you have the right experience, and your goal is to start competing in races.  Most people find that a basic, recreational bike has all the features they need, as these require only as much skill as riding a regular bike.


Price  There is a drastic price difference between professional mountain bikes and ones made for the hobbyist or amateur.  Unless you plan on taking trips of hundreds of miles or more, or entering a downhill race, you'll probably be able to get by just fine with a standard off-the-rack model.  When the pros look to buy a bike, they usually custom build it to their exact specifications, with their own set of features and accessories to make sure it's the exact bike they want.  Since it's not just a hobby to them, they don't mind spending a good chunk of money for the lightest, strongest bike possible. 

Brand Names  There are some companies that have established names for themselves in the mountain bike industry.  While they surely produce a good product and have earned their reputation, there are many up-and-coming brands that are hungry for business but have names you haven't heard of.  Just keep in mind that the best mountain bike is not always the one with the name you recognize.

Features  If you will be a weekend warrior with your mountain bike, then you probably don't need many of the features found on the high-end bicycles.  You'll want to find a bike that has only the things you want on it.  There's no need to spend extra money for a model with a high-tech gear system if you're not going to be using it on mountainous terrain.  Some of the higher-end bikes come with suspension and braking systems that rival that of automobiles.

Play it Safe  No matter which bike you go with, remember to be safe when you ride.  Always wear a helmet and obey any road signs or traffic laws.  Cars rarely look out for bikers so be sure to be on the look out for them.  In the end, the best mountain bike is the one that's ridden safely.



Best Mountain Bike